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The Blue Period

It should have been obvious for me to go blue from the beginning since I work directly with water! However, this experimentation into the blue colors only started about 3 years ago.

Up until then, I only had 7-8 different glaze colors that I used, none of which included blue.

I can’t exactly explain what had inspired me to do so but I started buying all sorts of different blue and green glazes. I would experiment with layering them on top of each other to see what interesting effects and hues would come forth and I’ve been deeply astonished and overjoyed at the results.

I never know exactly how they are going to come out until I open the kiln and see how the glazes have intermingled and flowed together down the piece. I used to hate it when glazes ran but now I consider it a beautiful collaboration with the kiln.

Previously, the left brain controlling engineer side of me would believe that the pieces were ruined but usually, those pieces were first to sell. People appreciated the element of randomness and spontaneity, as well as the organic results of the collaboration.

There is a Japanese term, “wabi-sabi,” that means perfect imperfection. This is a concept about appreciating the so-called mistakes of nature and cherishing them in the transient form they were created.

People’s responses to these new peacock pieces of mine have been fantastic and it’s actually helped me become much less judgemental about myself and others. The introspection of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” has given me a greater acceptance of things as they are.

I have this new found respect for the perfect imperfections of the world.

To date, I’ve tested around 50 different glazes in order to find the most wonderful combinations. It’s been liberating to allow myself to play with colors more than I had previously.

The vibrant jewel like tones that arise through these chemical dances are an endless delight to those who acquire these art works. There used to be very few colors that I felt looked good on my pieces but now the horizons have widened magnificently.



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Post edited by Zhenya Altamirano

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