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3 Reasons to Design Your Landscape around a Water Feature

Water features have become the most popular way to easily create an interesting and multi-beneficial focal point in an outdoor space.

Whether it’s a quaint back yard or a grand front entrance, a focal point gives a landscape design purpose and order.

It attracts the viewer's eye and pulls the composition together like a linchpin.

Here are our top 3 reasons to have a water feature as your landscape design focal point:

Bring Calm and Peace to your Everyday Life

The flow of water naturally brings about a sense of calm and peace, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

If designing a backyard or secret garden, a water features creates a soothing and meditative environment where one can escape the troubles and worries of modern society.

In an open space, such as a front yard, a water feature brings a peaceful experience to all who pass by. It can be used to mask unwanted noise, like that of traffic on a busy street near by.

Harness the Prosperous Powers of Feng Shui

Water is an ancient Chinese symbol of prosperity and abundance and is the most important element in Feng Shui.

Flowing water symbolizes income and by placing a water feature in a way where the water flows towards the front door, you are inviting financial abundance into the home.

The majority of our water features are designed so that the water cascades down from the top in a 360° flow, providing ease and symmetry in your prosperous design.

Provide a Sanctuary for Wildlife

Water is life and your water feature could be a saving sanctuary for key wildlife, such as birds and pollinators.

Bees and insects are dying out at rapid rates due to increased deforestation, use of pesticides, and climate change.

The easiest way that you can help provide them with serene safety is a source of fresh flowing water.

Our water features are designed to be environmentally friendly and use only 10-15 gal per week, which is about as much as one average shower.

That was just 3 reasons to have a water feature as the focal point of your landscape design. It’s an easy and simple way to facilitate peace, prosperity, and key wildlife protection. Enjoy these benefits and more with one of our unique designs.

Written and edited by Zhenya Altamirano

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