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Benefits of Water Features

It brings me such joy to be able to cultivate an experience of calm, centered, peacefulness for my customers.

This experience begins as I shape and mold the sculptures by hand from raw clay, drawing from the organic designs of mother nature herself. Each piece is thus a uniquely original design which aims to help relieve stress and anxiety with it’s naturally flowing and evolving lines and shapes.

The feng-shui element of flowing water brings soothing and meditative movement into the static design, as well as, the energetic benefits of prosperity.

The wide variety of custom forms, patterns, and colors can connect with and enhance the look of any setting. My pieces are created to be able to flawlessly assimilate into any indoor or outdoor environment.

The sound level of the water features is adjustable can either be a soft mellow background sound effect or it can mask unwanted noises to help create the meditative feel in virtually any environment.

If used indoors, the flowing water produces a humidifier effect, as well as, negative ions, which help promote good health by clearing and purifying the air.

If used in an outdoor space, these beautiful features attract the happy songs of birds and the glistening reflections of sun rays during the day time. In the evening, enjoy the illuminated effect of the flowing water over the organic designs with the up-lit effect installed at the base of each feature.

No matter which environment you choose to enhance with these water features, only 10-15 gallons of water per week are used, which is about as much as one average shower!

Although magnificent in their size, these hand sculpted water features are very easy to assemble, install, and maintain.

The finish is designed to be non-fading, resilient to indoor and outdoor conditions, and easy to clean.

My goal was to create a unique hassle-free experience for whomever adopts one of my art pieces into their home, office, garden, or business. It brings me great purpose and joy to be able to serve humanity in such a unique way.



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Post edited by Zhenya Altamirano

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