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I moved to LA!

I am beyond excited to announce that my dream of being based out of Los Angeles, California finally came true this past year!

This idea originally sprouted over 4 years ago on a business trip to LA during which I was wildly inspired by the creative energy pulsing through the city. Shortly after, I began my search for a new studio space.

Disappointingly, year after year went by of unsuccessful findings. As I believe in “right place, right time, “ I knew that I had not yet become the person I needed to be in order to make this transition.

So, I continued to experiment with my art out of the studio space in the Bay Area while the magnetic pull to LA continued to grow fierce.

In January of 2018 an unfortunately fortunate series of events forced me out of my former studio space and I employed this opportunity to officially move to LA in April of 2018. The hunt for a new studio space was now more real than ever before!

At this same time, my friend Dan Das Mann one of the most prolific and extraordinary Burning Man sculpture artists, had been getting into the warehouse rentals to artists business. We got to talking and just like magic; I had acquired my new creation space! What a beautiful, deeply synchronistic connection this turned out to be.

This is the life scenario that made me truly believe and trust that the Universe has my back.

I feel much more at home immersed in the LA art scene and I look forward to opening my creative panels much wider and deeper through all the vibrant connections I’ve been making here.

Previously, I was more isolated in my own separate studio space and had little interaction with other artists. However, I feel less lonely in this new creation space as there are a dozen other studios in the same location. This is a wonderful collaborative venue where the different unique creative energies help ignite ingenuity and spark innovation.

It is time to step into my true potential as an artist. I’ve spent years experimenting and practicing different techniques in order to transform my visions into physical 3D realities. But, now I have enough artist tools at my disposal to weave far more complex and evocative art creations into reality.



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Post edited by Zhenya Altamirano

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